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Starithm™ is a real-time strategy / grand strategy game developed by Game Orithm™, which will first release on the Steam platform.

          The player's main objective is to become the dominant star-fairing-civilization throughout the procedurally generated star systems.  While striving to achieve this objective, the player will:

(1) Establish a government ideology; (2) Populate your civilization; (3) Develop military assets; (4) Compete economically, diplomatically, and/or militarily; (5) Research/develop technologies, including artificial evolutions; (6) Recreate / redefine humanity in your image; (7) Conduct cyber attacks upon your enemies; (8) Situationally maintain peace, or wage war.

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Starithm™ is currently a prototype in development.  The images below do not represent the final product.


Starithm™ is currently in the development stages, however; you can become a member on our Patreon page, not only will you gain rewards, and exclusive access to content, but your contributions will be a crucial part to the development and success of our game!  We hope to see you join and witness this journey of game development.

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